Is your computer running slow? Or are you having issues booting into your Windows or Apple system? I can help you with that, along with Windows and Apple troubleshooting, repair, formatting and installation/re-installation. 


Did you knock water onto your laptop computer or sit on it by mistake, breaking the screen? Or did you have any such accidents happen? These and more can be taken care of. Bring your computer over and I do the troubleshooting in person and will let you know then, or by the end of the day what you are dealing with. I'll present you with all the options you have (for FREE!) and you choose what you want to do. No strings attached! I also do computer component upgrades (CPU, RAM, hard drive, battery/power supply), laptop screen replacements and any random computer hardware issues you have.

Malware/Virus and Security

Virus/Malware removal including adware, ransomware and trojans are becoming more and more of a threat with our increased dependence on the internet for our day-to-day affairs. More recently, "ransomware", a very dangerous type of malware is quickly becoming one of the biggest threats to our privacy and data security. Click here for my free ransomware public service announcement about ransomware that I sent to my clients earlier this year.

Data Recovery

Data is crucially important and keeping it safe and secure should be always be a priority. Have you recently deleted something by mistake or lost your computer in a power surge? It's always best to leave your computer turned off to preserve the hard drive's state and call someone, preferably me, if you feel your data is in jeopardy. I perform the following services:

  • Data Transfer and hard drive cloning

  • Deleted file recovery

  • Hard drive data recovery and partition rebuild

Tutoring (Seasonal)

Based on my schedule I do offer computer tutoring services for anyone who wants to learn more about using computers in a stress-free and judgement-free zone. Did you miss the computer train and need some assistance? Do give me a call.

jobs i don't do

I would like to do all types of jobs but due to time-constraints I do not work on projects like building custom computers, Ethernet cable wiring and splicing, 3D printers and the like.